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Ismakom is able to offer you the best finance and insurance available for your vehicle


As we are partners with Brunei Darussalam’s major financial institutions and Insurance bodies, our finance department is able to offer quality professional services, which include competitive rates and extended repayment terms.

We have more than 8 customer relations officers who are here to provide you with personalized service that includes the organization of finance and insurance packages for your new pride and joy.

Ismakom is able to offer refinancing for your vehicle owned or otherwise. We can help you to lower payments on an existing loan or even reloan your paid up car.

We offer extended service contracts for most vehicles we sell and can customize your repayments to meet your coverage and financial needs.

We also offer anti-theft measures for your vehicle that is a passive device that sends a signal to the police if the car is stolen. 24-hour care is now available too.


Interest Rate
The periodic charge, expressed as a percentage, for the use of credit.

Loan Term
The length of time that it will take to repay the loan. Typical loan terms are 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. Other terms may be available. Term length has a larger impact on the monthly payment and the final amount repaid than interest rates.

Down Payment
The up-front cash payment that the buyer makes to reduce the amount borrowed to purchase a car; the difference between the loan amount and the purchase price. A trade-in allowance and/or rebate also may be used as down payment. The down payment helps protect the bank, credit union or finance company in case the borrower defaults on the loan. A typical down payment is about 20 percent of the vehicle's sale price.

Vehicle Registration Fee
A fee charged by the state to legally register the vehicle in that state. Some states charge a flat fee, while others base it on the specific vehicle registered. Also called a licensing fee.

Service Summary:

  • Competitive terms of up to 84 months

  • up to 80% financing

  • Simple & quick application process

  • On the spot approvals

  • We work with major finance institutions and specialized lending sources for the purchase of special cars by enthusiasts.

  • We provide insurance that are specially tailored to individual needs.

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